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Marquis Fashion Showroom Opening & Start of Stella Curve Website

Marquis Fashion Showroom-Eröffnung & Webseiten-Start

Marquis Fashion Showroom Opening & Start of Stella Curve Website

1. December 2017

Travelling to my friends Angi Delrey and Ritchie Porgolzelski in Cologne; the traffic was no problem for me. Arrived well and was greeted with a warm dinner?

My webseite is about to launch tomorrow; took the opportunity to post some screenshots I’m so excited, grrrr….! 

Marquis Fashion Showroom-Eröffnung & Webseiten-Start

The day oft he memberzone launch

2. December 2017

Got up and went for a good strong coffee first of all. Then, Angi did my hair and makeup for this special day; at 1 pm we are supposed to arrive in Solingen, for the Grand Opening of the new Marquis Fashion Showroom.

I was looking forward to meet all my friends again, plus a couple of great new people. I always enjoy my trips to Peter W. Czernich and Doreen of Marquis Fashion with her team- they are all very special ?

Doreen has created a comfy atmosphere in the showroom, you feel immediately at home there. You can take all the time in the world to look at all the amazing latex creations, plus Marquis magazines, prints, the sexy new 2018 calendars, books and dvds… All the latex can be made to measure, and they will measure you out when you’re there. There is a spacious changing booth, too.

I’ve photographed all that for you, so you can see how well Doreen and her team has worked, with a whole lot of love and attention to detail.

I’ve just been taing a look around when the first guests arrive. Peter, Jess Janssen and Mone Szmata have taken care of snacks and drinks. I even good a hot tea, because I still suffered from a cold and hads to skip the spirits today. Thanks much for that ?

All in all, it was a wonderfully exciting 2nd December for me. Peter told me that my website was now on line, A dream has finally become true! I was totally happy when Doreen showed it to me on her laptop, I was flashed by the beautiful design and all the great photos we have taken over the last two years, all that work that finally shows now!

Now I’m looking very much forward to share my fetish life with you. You can write me at any time by using the contact form, and tell me your ideas and suggestions! I want to trhank all who have suported my dream so far, and hope that many of you will support my website, like and share imy posts! It will be an exciting fetish future!


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