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My first appearance at the Fetish Evolution: I’m one of the Ninja Girls in the 2017 Marquis Show! The tension is rising, but now it is confirmed: I have a shooting date in Solingen, with my good friend Peter W. Czernich. Without you, Peter, all this would have never happened. They’ll be shooting the cover for MARQUIS No.65 , plus a trailer video and XXL poster of the Ninjas. I’ll be part of the fourth and last team – „Germany II“ – along with Cassandra Smith and Sarathustra von Lichtenstein. The three of us have some experience with martial arts, judo and boxing, so we will definitely be the most agressive group – beware 😉

What an awesome shooting weekend that was! We did not only have lots of fun on the set, with our beloved MUA Angi Delrey, but we were really hot to perform for this incredible show. Here are some making-of pix, which will also be in No.65.

Doreen, the incredible designer of Marquis Fashion, made these amazing outfits to measure on our sexy bodies. She created a whole fantastic collection for this show, all „harnessy“ and strappy, with an amazing number of details.


My big day in Essen had come; after a long drive from Nuremberg I enjoyed the arrival at the event hotel. I needed a drink and went straight for the bar, as a warm-up fort he „Models & Makers“ party later on. The waiter is asking me for a picture – a good start!

I get changed fort he evening, finally able to put on my new latex dress. Peter arrives with fabulous Yeva Shiyanova from Kazakhstan, our star dancer in the show. I adore her and will be on stage next to her! We are all looking forward to her special appearance.

Carrie LaChance and her hubby Nate have flown in from the USA, and arrive with Peter, and I’m happy to meet them. Photographer Phoebus Kallista is there, I just shot with him a few days ago. Amazing pictures have been made on the premises of Peter’s fetish factory in Solingen. Next to me stands the wonderful Honeyhair, and we enjoy that everybody stares at us… 😉


The next day, after the Models & Makers party: Right after breakfast, we are rehearsing our choreography. I meet again with Carrie and Nate, and we spend some time at the Marquis stand on the expo, taking pictures in front oft he wallsize Ninja banner, which I sign. We all take advantage and pose with each other for our social media photos, prouldy wearing our „Ninja Show Crew“ t-shirts

We have some really great conversations there, but finally it’s time to go to the rehearsal, along with Cassandra and Sarathustra. The choreo is quite demanding, and we will do our best for this extraordinary show. Peter is in his element, demonstrating on stage what to do with our weapons – fans and swords and daggers.