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Shooting Impressions

My weekend shooting for MARQUIS FASHION with Doreen and the internet fetish TV station RFTV with Ingo and hostess Anna Berg! Next day, a record shooting (10 Sets!) with Peter W. Czernich, Hair&MUA Angi Delrey and Doreenformarquisfashion – quite a program! I took so many selfies that I made a few collages with them, I hope you like them.

We had fantastic weather and were looking forward to our barbecue afterwards. I had brought tons of delicious sausages from y hometown Nuremberg, and Peter had organized the matching Bavarian beer. The barbecue evening was beautifully relaxibng after the packed day of shooting, and it was great to meet all my family again there: Next to the shooting team, there was he beautiful Jess Janssen, Doro Eklund and Ingo from RFTV, the photographer Chris Hammer, and the beautiful couple Susanna (Sister Sinister) and Cedric, who live right next door to Peter.